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About Us


Brewery Credit Union has been established to provide superior financial service while economically empowering our members and community. Brewery Credit Union’s focus is to become our members’ primary financial institution.

Brewery Credit Union will continue to deliver a broad range of competitively priced products and services to the diverse economic and social makeup of our membership and potentialmembership, and will look for better ways to serve the financial needs of our members and community.

On-going communication with our members, potential members, legislators and regulators will emphasize the unique role that a member-owned local financial cooperative plays in the overall financial well-being of both individuals and the community-at-large.

Brewery Credit Union is proud to be part of the Credit Union movement whose principles of “not-for-profit, not-for-charity, but for service” along with the movement’s philosophy of “People Helping People” is consistent with our mission statement.

Service to Members

Brewery Credit Union will offer services designed to improve the economic and social well-being of all members from all socio-economic backgrounds, including our low and moderate income members, and return financial value to all those who participate in our member-owned financial cooperative.

Current Services

  1. A competitive dividend is paid on saving balances over $100.
  2. Checking Accounts - A number of checking account options are offered to our members: a no-fee, non-interest bearing account which appeals to members carrying low average balances who have a minimum $100 direct deposit and e-statements and an interest-bearing account appealing to members with higher average balances. We also offer a Fresh Start Checking for those individuals who are looking to rebuild a traditional checking relationship
  3. Check Card - The convenient check card (also referred to as a debit card) is used by members in place of checks at all retail establishments accepting major credit cards, as well as to access cash at ATMs. We offer the convenience of instant card issue for lost or stolen cards.
  4. Christmas and Dream Clubs - Two special accounts that make saving for special times a little easier.
  5. Telephone Teller - (CU*TALK) Members can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access transactions and history on their accounts.
  6. Home Banking - Members can conduct transactions, open accounts and apply for loans 24/7/365 via the internet.
  7. Share Certificates (CDs) - Members are offered insured investment opportunities with a variety of terms.
  8. The credit union also belongs to the Alliance ATM Network where hundreds of ATM’s are surcharge free to our members.
  9. Consumer Loans - Consumer loans of all types are offered to members at terrific rates and terms and our e-docs with e-signature make the process fast and easy.
  10. Credit Cards - Members can choose between secured, classic and gold cards at very competitive rates.
  11. Mortgage Loans - A wide variety of first and second mortgage loans are available.
  12. Website - Brewery Credit Union’s internet site at www.brewerycu.com offers a vast amount of information about the credit union, along with easy to use financial calculators and links to other valuable sites.
  13. Direct Deposit - Brewery Credit Union can accept all or part of a member’s payroll directly from their employer.

Member Education

Brewery Credit Union is committed to member and consumer financial education. We are also committed to educating our community in Credit Union philosophy, values and uniqueness.

  1. Newsletter - Each quarter, Brewery Credit Union publishes a newsletter which contains Brewery Credit Union’s news and services.
  2. Website (www.brewerycu.com) - Our easy to use website is a wealth of financial information and member services.
  3. Consumer Credit Counseling - We support Consumer Credit Counseling Service, another nonprofit organization, and recommend them to members who need financial counseling.
  4. Get Checking Program - Offered through UW-Extension, the “Get Checking” program offers our members who have experienced financial problems in the past a chance to open or re-open a checking account after completing educational classes.
  5. Financial Seminars - The Credit Union staff is available for public speaking engagements on a variety of topics.
  6. Staff Training - All staff receives on-going education and training through both regularly scheduled and ad hoc training sessions.
  7. Informational Material - Educational publications and service brochures are available in our lobby.


Brewery Credit Union will endeavor to preserve Credit Union democratic principles, including demographic representation and volunteer participation in Credit Union activities.

  • Members are informed through the quarterly newsletter of the Board election and to encourage nominations and attendance.
  • Member surveys are used to improve Brewery Credit Union’s service and products.
  • A member suggestion box is located in our lobby.
  • Board Training - On-going training opportunities are made available for Board members.


Brewery Credit Union understands the value of diversity in persons who are involved in Credit Unions at all levels. We value that diversity in our staff as well as volunteers, and strive to bring people of diverse backgrounds and experiences into leadership and other roles at the Credit Union.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer - Brewery Credit Union actively seeks to fill vacancies by hiring qualified candidates without regard to race, creed, religion, sex or socio-economic status.
  • Board Representation - The Board of Directors represents a variety of backgrounds and expertise in our field of membership.
  • We look for ways to make the loan, not to turn it down.

Commitment to the Credit Union Movement and Other Cooperatives

Brewery Credit Union works to build and strengthen our unique Credit Union movement by providing financial and in-kind resources to others within the Credit Union community, and by actively advocating the Credit Union difference at all levels of government and in other public forums. In addition, Brewery Credit Union will support and participate in local, state and national cooperatives as appropriate.

  1. League Membership – Brewery Credit Union belongs to the Wisconsin Credit Union League and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), and fully supports those organizations’ cooperative activities.
  2. In addition, we support and have made available to our members the locations and services of the Shared Service Centers, a Credit Union service organization.
  3. Our ATM’s are located in these cooperate businesses, Outpost Natural Foods, Riverwest Food Coop and Riverwest Public House.
  4. Mentoring – Upon request, Brewery Credit Union will assist other credit unions with training and technical support.
  5. The Brewery Credit Union is a member of the Filene Research Institute which provides independent analysis of key issues faced by the Credit Union movement.
  6. Credit Union Conferences – Brewery Credit Union’s employees and Board members are encouraged to attend local conferences and seminars to share information with other Credit Unions.
  7. We strongly support other cooperatives in our local market

Public Service / Corporate Citizenship

Through direct financial support or other in-kind contributions to worthwhile local organizations, and by participating in public service activities, Brewery Credit Union strives to be an active partner in our community. We recognize that practicing good corporate citizenship supports the Credit Union’s philosophy of “People Helping People”. Furthermore, it will help to raise the overall level of social and economic well-being of those in our community, help to strengthen ties within the community, and better position us to reach out and serve those persons in greatest need of affordable financial services.

Community Groups Current Receiving Financial or Other In-kind Support

  1. Children’s Miracle Network
  2. Brewery Workers Local 9 Charity Events
  3. Hillside Housing Project Night Out Against Crime
  4. Riverwest Locust Street Festival
  5. Local Little League Teams
  6. Special Olympics

The Ten Commandments of Brewery Credit Union

THE MEMBER is the most important person in our credit union.

THE MEMBER is not an outsider-he or she is the owner of our credit union.

THE MEMBER is not an interruption of our work-they are the purpose of it.

THE MEMBER does us a favor when they call–we are not doing the member a favor when we serve them.

THE MEMBER is not a cold statistic-they are human beings with feelings and emotions like our own.

THE MEMBER is not someone to argue or match wits with.

THE MEMBER is a person who brings us their needs. It is our job to fill those needs.

THE MEMBER is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give.

THE MEMBER is not dependent on us–we are dependent on them.

THE MEMBER is the life blood of this credit union.

Address & Driving Directions:
1351 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53212

Voice: 414-277-8412

Fax: 414-273-3487